Project Roundup

The interior walls of Fierro’s have been painted – the pink on top is brighter in person. I have plans to put some fancy details on the walls, so there’s still work to do here.

Hazel stands inside Fierro's Bakery, wearing a wool skirt and a grey cardigan. She looks towards the top left of the image, hands by her sides. The walls behind her are 'painted' with the top two thirds light pink, and the bottom third white. The floor is wood parquetry.

I also bought some new fabric! The two on the left will be the outer and lining of another waistcoat, and the red fabric will be a scarf…

Three folded-up pieces of fabric sit on a wood background. The two on the left are stacked; the bottom one is black with a grey swirly paisley-esque pattern on, and the top one is plain black. The fabric on the right is bright red.
A long rectangular strip of bright red fabric sits, loosely folded accordion-style, on a wood background.

…which I’ve already sewn together. It’s about 2 meters long, and I want to sew some ribbon onto the ends to finish it off. Hopefully I get time to wear it this season – the weather is ever so slowly warming up!

Anyways, see ya!


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