Fierro’s Front Counter

The front counter at Fierro’s is complete! We also got a chalkboard menu hung behind the counter, which is fantastic.

Hazel stands behind the front counter in Fierro's Bakery, putting a plate of dark chocolate chip cookies in the glass cabinet. She wears a floral shirt and a wool skirt. Behind her is a green-curtained door and a chalkboard menu on the wall.

The plan is to fill the three shelves in the glass cabinet with breads, cakes, and smaller treats at the top.

A better shot of the front counter on its own. It is white, with a small section on the right that has a black cash register on it. To the left is a clear glass box with three shelves for baked goods. On the middle shelf is a chocolate cake and a plate with four cinnamon rolls on. On the top shelf is a plate with dark chocolate chip cookies on.

Under the counter has shelves for wayward cash registers and anything else that might turn up that needs a home.

Image shows the back view of the front counter. To the right is the glass cabinet, which does not have a back for easy access. The left side under the cash register bit has three shelves, one of which now holds the cash register.

The menu is not all that easy to read at the moment – maybe Hazel needs more practice with the chalk.

(slightly blurry, shh) image of the menu on the pink wall behind the counter and next to the green-curtained door. The word 'menu' is n all caps across the top, decorated with pink roses and green vines. The prices for various breads, sweet treats, and drinks is listed below in three columns.
Hazel stands in front of the counter in Fierro's. She looks at the plain white front of the counter, and has her chin in her hand, thinking. Her other hand is in her skirt pocket.

Hazel is unsure if the front of the counter needs any decoration, but I think it’s fine.

Hazel stands behind the cash register section of the counter in Fierro's, forearms resting on the countertop. She smiles at the camera, the menu behind her half-bun.

Next steps are chairs and tables, the other rooms, and lots of baking! Hazel’s been gathering recipes for weeks, and I’m unsure whether she’ll be able to make them all. They definitely won’t all fit into the glass cabinet at the same time!

Anyways, see ya!


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