A Dress in Bloom

Spring is well and truly here, and with a change in seasons comes a change in wardrobe!

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background. She wears a white midi-length dress with a round neckline and a multi-coloured floral print on it. She looks down at her hands, which are smoothing the front of the skirt down.

Yes, Hazel now has a new dress, as I felt that her wool skirt was a little too hot for summer.

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background. She is turning towards the right of the frame on the spot, to make the skirt lift in a princess-esque twirl. Her hair swings in unison with the motion.

The Swoosh Factor is a very important test for all skirts to undergo, and Hazel assures me that this one passes. (phew!)

Close-up of the side seam of Hazel's white floral dress. Hazel's hand is in an in-seam pocket, so only her forearm and above is visible.

There are, of course, in-seam pockets on both sides.

Hazel stands outside, in front of a green leafy bush on a white wood surface. She looks to the right, and is pulling a few of her braids forward over her shoulder. She wears the floral dress with white lace-up shoes.
Hazel stands outside on a white wood surface against a dark green leafy bush. She faces the camera, smiling, with both hands in her dress's pockets. The dress is white with a multi-coloured floral print.

I think for the next dress, I’ll try putting darts in the waist of the bodice to see if I can make it fit a little closer around there.

Hazel stands in front of a green leafy bush on a white wood surface. She is facing left, captured in the motion of twirling on the spot to fan out the skirt of her dress, princess-style. Her braids swing with the motion, and her hands are out to the sides.

This loose waist does allow for more airflow, which is always nice in the heat. Time to get cracking on some more – I’ve a stack of fabric and a lot more hot days coming up!

Anyways, see ya!


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