Fierro’s Furnishings

Well, the first few furnishings, at least.

Two white chairs are tucked around a white square table, against a wood backdrop. The chairs look to be foldable café-style chairs, and the table is supported on a central circular dowel and a circular base. The table also has a pink top.

I’ve made two sets of these tables and chairs for seating in the bakery. In lieu of thin enough wood, I’ve used strips of cardboard to make the chairs (apart from the seats and backrests, which are wood.).

Hazel is in Fierro's, tucking a white chair under a nearby table. A second chair is tucked under the table on the opposite side. Behind the table and chairs is the counter and curtained doorway. Hazel wears a white floral dress with white shoes.

The tables have this really cool pink terrazzo top on them, which is paper I found in a magazine freebie.

Close-up of the pink top of one of the café tables. It is pale pink, with terrazzo-esque shapes in black, white, and a darker pink scattered randomly. The two white chairs can also be seen, tucked under the table.

They look so good!”

Hazel stands in Fierro's, looking around at the tables and chairs. One set of tables and chairs is against the wall on the left of the image, while the other is to the right of the image. Hazel stands between them, clasping her hands excitedly. She wears a white floral dress with white shoes.
Hazel stands in Fierro's, one hand on the back of a chair and the other on her hip. She smiles at the camera, wearing a white floral dress with some braids pulled forward over her shoulders. Behind her is the front counter and a green-curtained doorway.

Of course, this is just the start! Hazel and I have many desserts to make, and there’s a second room in this building that I’ve got to decide what to do with. And, because I made the chairs from cardboard instead of wood, they are a bit flimsy. Which I’d like to fix, at some point.

Anyways, see ya!


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