Pink Backpack

As Hazel’s wardrobe/possessions expand in number, she will need something to carry them in – therefore, I made her a backpack!

A small peach-coloured bag sits against a white brick background. The bag is visually similar to a Fjallraven Kanken bag, however it has pink straps and a pink opening on the front. There is also a small pocket on the front.

The bag opens, so Hazel can carry stuff around if she needs to.

Hazel has the straps of the small peach bag looped around one arm. She has her other hand inside the bag, so that some of the inside of the bag is visible.

It’s a lot like Petra’s backpack, though I’m not sure the fabric around the opening of Hazel’s bag is quite wide enough.

The small peach bag sits next to a very similar yellow bag against a white brick background. The yellow bag has shorter straps and an embroidered floral wreath on the front instead of a closure.

The perfect place to test it out was, of course, a beach holiday!

Hazel is photographed from the back, walking along a boardwalk. Beyond the railing is the beach, the sea, and the sky. The peach backpack is on Hazel's back, and her green braids are parted around it.
Hazel leans against the railing on the boardwalk, looking away from the camera towards the sea and sky. The backpack is on her back, visible through her parted braids.

Hazel had lots of fun watching the swimmers and surfers from the boardwalk.

Hazel walks next to the railing on the boardwalk, looking out to the sea. She is photographed from the side, so you can see she wears the backpack.

I’m not a big fan of the bag’s closure, because it’s not very secure. The reason I needed to put it in was because the opening was gaping quite a bit, which I think is because the fabric around the opening isn’t as wide as Petra’s bag. I might re-do that if I have a spare minute.

Anyways, see ya!


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