Hats On Folks

Because summer is slowly creeping towards me (in the Southern Hemisphere), I thought this would be a good time to make myself a hat, to protect myself against the heat.

The author stands in front of a green hedge, back to the camera, photographed from the shoulders up. She wears a navy blue sunhat with a blue floral band around it. Her shirt is sea-green, and her dark brown hair peeks out from under the brim.

This brim was the second brim I made for it, and the band was added to the hat because it didn’t feel deep enough when it was on, but now I am happy!

The author is photographed back to the camera, facing a green hedge with pink flowers on top. She wears a navy sunhat, and is flipping up the back of the brim to show the floral lining. Her shirt is sea-green, and her shoulder-length dark brown hair shows.

As you can see, the band matches the lining, and I reversed the colour of the band in the lining.

The navy blue sunhat sits on a white background, so that the inside is visible. Most of it is lined in a blue and yellow floral fabric, with a band of the navy blue main fabric.

It also folds up really small, so it does not take up much space in my bag.

The navy blue hat sits on a white background. It is folded up small, and the author's white hand is holding it.
The author is photographed from the side against a green hedge, wearing the navy-and-floral hat. One hand is pulling the brim down, covering her face, and her dark brown hair is visible. She wears a sea-green shirt.

As I mentioned, it was initially going to be just navy on the outside. But, I think I like having the band there anyway – it’s a nice contrast, and makes it more interesting. Given how hot Australian summers can get, it will definitely get a lot of use! I do love making things that I can use and appreciate on a daily basis.

Anyways, see ya!


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