Project Roundup

I gave some of Petra’s short-sleeved shirts long sleeves, mostly to try out different sorts of sleeves and keep practicing setting them in at this scale.

Petra wears a long-sleeved, puffy-sleeved top tucked into grey pants against a white background. The top is creamy-yellow, with green and pink vintage-y florals on it. The sleeves are very puffy, gathered at the wrists in cuffs.

I really like these puffy ones, especially how neat the cuff at the wrists is.

Close-up of the puffy-sleeved top's wrist cuffs. Petra holds her arm up to the camera, showing how the sleeve is box-pleated into the cuff. Her shirt is tucked into grey pants, and her other hand is in her pocket.

This is the other shirt I did – I always thought it looked a little strange as a short-sleeved peplum top, and I must say, this looks a whole lot better.

Petra wears a long-sleeved peplum top with grey pants against a white brick background. The top is beige, with small pale pink flowers and dots on it. It has a circular neck, and slim sleeves.

I’ve also been patching my human-size winter socks, as many of them had holes (or nearly-holes) in the heels.

A stack of folded winter socks sits against a white brick background. They are stacked vertically, and positioned so the (slightly) tattered heels are visible. On a few socks, stitches are visible from the patching. The socks are in a variety of colours and patterns.

Now they’re all mended, I can’t wait to wear them for many more winters!

Close-up of two of the heels in the winter socks, with navy fabric covering the threadbare areas from the back. The left-hand sock is pale green with a pale beige heel, and the right sock is navy with a yellow heel.
A pair of unfinished sea-blue-green pants is folded and sitting on a wooden background. The way it's folded means it looks more like a large rectangle of fabric, folded up small, at the moment.

I am also making myself another pair of pants from this fabric, which is more green in real life. It’s got lots of elements I haven’t tried before, so I’m very keen to keep working on them! Life keeps getting in the way, though…..

Anyways, see ya!


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