What’s Cooking in Fierro’s

Things have been happening in Fierro’s Bakery recently, and Hazel wanted to show you all.

Come on, there’s two things I want to show you!

Hazel stands inside Fierro's Bakery, smiling at the camera. She beckons the viewer forward with her hand, green braids swinging. Behind her is the counter and display case, largely obscured.

First, we’ve got new plates and trays for the glass display case!

Hazel stands beside the display case/counter, making a 'ta-da!' motion to it. The display case has a gold cake-stand on top, six wooden trays on the next two shelves down, and two gold plates on the bottom shelf. On the trays are biscuits and cinnamon rolls, and one of the gold plates has a chocolate cake on.

The wooden trays will also hold things like cupcakes, and the plates at the bottom are for cakes. Not all our plates will be gold, just these ones!

Close-up of the display case, photographed from above. The cake stand, wooden trays, and plates are easier to see.

And if you follow me out the back, this whole room’s been painted to match the outside….

Hazel stands in the back room of Fierro's Bakery, walking backwards away from the camera. She gestures with one arm to the walls, which are painted half-and-half pink and white. Beside her, the top of a table is visible.

…and we’ve got this giant table in the middle! The top is a workbench, for kneading and decorating and stuff. But there’s also a shelf underneath, to store stuff like bowls!

Hazel stands behind a white-topped table, hands flat on its surface. She smiles at the camera in a floral dress and white shoes. The legs and open shelf underneath the table are pale wood on a parquet floor.

Hazel’s very excited to see it coming together, as am I! Next plans are to furnish the back room more, because it’ll need cupboards, more benchtops (if I can) and an oven of some kind.

Anyways, see ya!


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