Four Firsts

My latest addition to my handmade wardrobe, Simplicity sewing pattern 8457, had a lot of new techniques for me to try! The first one being the not-elastic waistband, which took a bit of fiddling to get right.

The author stands in front of a white lattice, hands on hips. She wears a pair of sea-blue-green pants with a black-and-white Breton-striped top and black boots.

These pants have an invisible zip on the side, which is only the second zip I’ve ever put in. (Note to self: invisible zips need an invisible zip foot!)

Close-up of the sea-blue-green pants' right side, allowing a good view of the invisible zip closure and one of the front pockets.

The pleats on the front were the first pleats I’d ever put in. It was more simple than I expected.

Full=length view of the sea-blue-green pants again. The author stands in front of a white lattice, hands in the two front pockets. The pockets have diagonal openings, and there are four pleats on the front of the pants, under the waistband.

And those lovely big pockets with their diagonal opening – also a first, and very useful for storing things like sonic screwdrivers….

Another close-up of the pants, this time the left side. In the pocket is a replica of the 13th Doctor's screwdriver, the tip poking out.
The author stands back against a white lattice. She wears the sea-blue-green pants cuffed to just under the knee, with calves visible above black boots. She holds the 13th Doctor's lit up sonic screwdriver loosely in front of herself.

I am one step closer to putting together a totally practical 13th Doctor wardrobe cosplay! I’ve got the shirt as well, now I just need the coat, suspenders, socks, and shoes….

I am so happy with these pants – they fit seamlessly (ha) into my wardrobe, and can be whipped out to cosplay one of my favourite characters. I will definitely be making more of these – time to get planning!

Anyways, see ya!


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