Project Roundup

I finally had the motivation to make a summer garland this week, after many years of having it sitting on the To-Make List. Below are the crocheted elements I’ve made so far – I need two more duplicates, and then they all need to be strung together.

A variety of small crocheted pieces are on a white brick background. A sun is in the centre, surrounded by some green leaves, some lemon slices, a strawberry, some pink flowers, a shell, a sunflower, and the blue tail of a narwhal.
Sun, shell, and sunflower designs by Steffi Glaves

I also completed all those masks from the last Project Roundup, and they are coming in very handy.

Five masks are fanned out in a white brick background. Left to right, the designs are green and floral, dusky pink with white polka-dots, navy with bigger white polka-dots, pink iridescent scales, and navy Doctor Who fabric.
The pieces of a dress, partially assembled, are laid out on a white brick background. All the pieces are khaki green, the skirt below the bodice pieces in the centre and the sleeves beside the bodice. Around the dress is a pin tin, a reel of khaki thread, and a pair of black embroidery scissors.

I’ve also got a new dress for Hazel in the works – as you can see, it’s not in any vaguely ‘assembled’ state yet. I do love the way gathering looks when you’re done, but it is a pain when you’re actually doing it.

Anyways, see ya!


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