A Baker’s Pantry

Shelves have been installed in Fierro’s back room!

Four white wood shelves are mounted on a pink wall. The shelves are empty, except for a trailing plant in a grey pot on the top shelf and five stacks of small bowls on the bottom two shelves.

The process of filling them up took an afternoon…

The same four white shelves are mounted on a pink wall. The plant and the bowls are still on them, but have been joined by a number of jars filled with baking ingredients (like nuts, spices, herbs, and coffee beans) and icing tubes, filling the bottom two shelves. Also on the bottom shelf is a multi-coloured box of 'Natural Food Dye'.

….but it’s definitely worth it!

Hazel stands in the foreground, her back to the camera. She looks at the four white shelves on the opposite wall of Fierro's back room, which are now full. (More jars of ingredients and boxes of food dye have been added to the top two shelves.) On the wall to Hazel's right there is an orange noticeboard above the sugar and flour sacks. The noticeboard has a calendar and several reminders pinned to it.

It’s quite the baker’s pantry of flavours and decorations – I imagine the bulk bins of things like oats and yeast and such are on the wall behind the camera.

Close-up of one side of the shelves in Fierro's back room. Hazel is reaching for a bowl from one of the stacks, wearing a green puffy-sleeved dress and with her green braids in a bun. The labels on the jars are more clear now; the ones on the top shelves contain things like marshmallows, jams, seeds, sprinkles, candles, and shredded coconut.

We also mounted a noticeboard next to the door, which will probably become quite full once the store gets up and running.

Close-up of the orange noticeboard, which is next to the doorway to Fierro's back room. The calendar displays March 2022, and there are four notes pinned to the board beside the calendar. They mention things like deliveries, jobs that need doing, and numbers to call back about orders.
Hazel, in her khaki green puffy-sleeved dress, stands at the central work bench in Fierro's back room, Her hands are flat on the surface as she thinks about what she needs. Much of her surrounds is visible; the bowls under the work bench, the sugar and flour sacks beneath the noticeboard, the shelves behind her filled with jars, and the doorway to the front of the store - largely obscured by the green curtain.

I think this area is pretty much done now! I do need to put the apron hook up, but otherwise it’s just finding something to put on the walls in the front and then baking! The baking will be pretty easy – Hazel’s a dab hand at it.

Anyways, see ya!


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