Fresh Breads (and other delectables)

Hazel’s first batches of bread came out of the oven this week!

Hazel is in the back room of Fierro's bakery, and she is putting a small baking tray onto the main work surface. She is in the bottom left of the image, with her dark brown arms and hands visible. Also sitting on the table are four scones and four bread rolls, nicely browned from the oven.

For this test, she made four scones (which are on the left), four bread rolls, and two bagels. The bagels need some work, but the scones and bread look okay.

Hazel stands behind the main work bench in Fierro's, brushing excess flour off her hands. She wears an apron over her floral dress, and her green braids are in a half-up bun. On the work bench in front of her are four scones, four bread rolls, two small bagels, and a small baking tray. Behind Hazel and to the left of frame is a wooden hook, from which hangs another apron.

(They’re actually cornflour dough – this is the first time I’ve made anything with cornflour dough, and it seems to work quite well!)

Close-up of the work bench. The four bread rolls are pictured up close. Two have been cut in half, and are closer to the camera. One is under Hazel's hand, as her other hand reaches for a bread knife sitting beside the rolls.

She also whipped up some pancakes with scoops of ice cream, because Petra’s popping by for afternoon tea.

Hazel is in the back room of Fierro's, wearing the same apron-over-floral-dress outfit as before. She moves towards the doorway, holding a plate with two pancakes and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on. As she moves, she reaches to grab another plate of pancakes and ice cream with her other hand.

(The pancakes are circles of paper, and the ice cream is also cornflour dough. I’m so happy with it!)

Hazel moves to sit at one of Fierro's' tables across from Petra, who is already sitting. Petra wears a beige long-sleeved peplum shirt with grey pants, and is smiling at Hazel. In front of each seat is a plate of pancakes with ice cream, and a knife, fork, and spoon. Petra's yellow backpack hangs over the back of the white chair.

Looks delicious, Hazel!” “Well, the proof is in the eating, P!

Overhead shot of the table Hazel and Petra sit at. The pancakes and ice cream are easier to see now, as they sit on gold plates. you can also see the cutlery well, and the pink terrazzo tabletop. Hazel and Petra's hands clap excitedly and move towards the cutlery, respectively.

Also popping in at the end there is the cutlery, which rounds out the list of new details in Fierro’s. Whew!

My already long list of ‘breads to make with cornflour’ expanded as I was painting these breads (and ice cream). It’s a cool new material to work with, and I’m excited to experiment with it further. I am going to need somewhere to store all this new food, but that’s a problem for Future Me.

Anyways, see ya!


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