Project Roundup

Petra: “I’ve been clearing out some clothes I don’t really wear anymore, and I was wondering if this would fit you?”

Tiffany: “Cool, yeah, I can try it on really quick!

Petra, a tall brown woman, and Tiffany, a petite Asian woman, stand in Needle & Thread. Petra looks at Tiffany, holding a folded-up denim garment in her arms. She wears a cream long-sleeved shirt with grey pants. Tiffany has her arms out to receive the denim garment. She wears a pink and orange sleeveless shirt and a blue striped skirt. Behind Petra are racks of multi-coloured fat quarters, and in front of Tiffany is the end of a cutting table.

T: “So, it’s a little large at the top.

P: “Oh stars, it is a bit, isn’t it!

Tiffany stands near the fat quarter racks in Needle & Thread, looking down at her outfit. She wears the denim garment, obviously now a denim pinafore, over her pink and orange skirt. The pinafore is far too large in the top half - the straps fall way past their attachments, and the front square is comically oversized. Petra leans against the cutting table in the foreground, looking at Tiffany. One hand is in her pocket, and one is over her mouth.

T: “It’ll be easy to make that smaller – I don’t need to adjust them around the hips at all.

P: “Are you sure?

T: “It’s an easy job, promise! I’ll make the straps shorter and make the front square smaller, they’re super simple adjustments.

Petra and Tiffany stand by the fat quarter racks in Needle & Thread. Petra has one hand in her pocket, one on her chest. She looks at Tiffany as Tiff answers her question. Tiffany still wears the comically oversized pinafore, and has her hands out reassuringly as she answers Petra's question.

In addition to Tiff’s new clothes, I made myself a simple little earbud holder.

A very old pair of earbuds rests on a white brick background. They are bundled up neatly, with a small green piece of linen around the centre. The linen we can see is embroidered with a weapon's hilt, in brown and gold.

It’s embroidered with a sword, which I only just had space for!

A small rectangle of green linen, with rounded ends, lies on a white brick background. It is (slightly messily) embroidered with a sword, which has a brown and gold hilt. Loosely coiled earbud wires are visible in the top right of the image.
The reverse of the strip of linen used to contain the earbuds is visible on a white brick background. At each end is sewn one half of a clear snap fastening. The earbuds' wires are visible in the top right corner.

As you see, it snaps around the coiled-up earbuds, so they stay nice and neat when I’m travelling.

In other, unphotographed news, Hazel has been busy in Fierro’s with bread flour and yeast, so those delicious creations should be emerging from the oven soon.

Anyways, see ya!


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