Rabbit Egg Bag

Last Easter, we got our eggs in these little plastic bags made to look like rabbits which tied shut by the ears. I’m not a fan of plastic, so this year, I thought I’d give making a fabric pattern for the bags a go.

A small fabric bag sits outside, on grass. It is made to look like a rabbit, with an embroidered face and two 'ears' tied together to close the bag. It is pale grey, and the inside of the ears are made of white fabric, printed with blue flowers.

This is Trial 1, which went pretty well, I think!

Close-up of the embroidered face of the rabbit bag. The two eyes are black ovals, and the nose and mouth are peach.

Look at that little face.

The bag from above. It is tied with a simple overhand knot, the sort you do for shoelaces. The inside of the ears are also more visible - the blue and pink flowers on it are quite faded.

I reckon you could line it or not line it, though you do get the cool double-sided-ears effect if you do.

The bag is photographed from front on again, this time with the ears untied. They stand up vertically from the rest of the bag. The background is grass.

And with the ears untied.

The rabbit bag, photographed from above, untied. The floral fabric on the inside of the ears extends to the lining of the bag. You can also see chocolate eggs inside the bag.

Next time, I’d probably make the bag less deep, and the ears a bit longer. A deep bag like this means more eggs, but tying the ears is a little bit tight at this length. I have plans for a white one with pink lining, so Trial 2 is on its way! (Very slowly.) (Probably next Easter.)

Anyways, see ya!


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