Easter Biscuits

The girls decided this Easter to have a picnic on Sarah’s living room floor, complete with goodies from Fierro’s.

Tiffany, Sarah, Hazel, and Petra sit around a crocheted blanket spread on Sarah's living room floor. Tiffany and Petra sit on the left and right of the shot respectively, cross-legged and leaning against dining chairs. Chip the android is beside Tiffany. Sarah and Hazel sit on Sarah's couch, with the blanket at their feet. They each have two pink Fierro's gift bags on their laps, with pink tissue paper poking out of the top. On the blanket are four plates, three mugs, and a teapot.

S: “Do we each get a bag?

H: “Yes, there’s a bag for each of you!

Close-up of the four small plates on the picnic blanket. Each has two biscuits on, one egg-shaped plain biscuit and one chocolate biscuit. The egg biscuits are iced in either pink, green, or blue, with either white spots or stripes. The chocolate biscuits are circular, all iced to look like the face of a chick: black eyes, orange beak, yellow background. A teapot sits in the middle of the four plates.

Hazel made these Easter biscuits specially – the egg-shaped ones are plain shortbread, and the chick faces are dark chocolate.

Close-up of two of Fierro's wooden display case trays. One is filled with six of the egg shaped biscuits, and the other with six chick-faced biscuits. There are three spotty egg biscuits and three stripy ones, one of each pattern in each colour.

They are also in Fierro’s this month, so if you’re walking by, why not pop in and grab one?

Tiffany, Sarah, Hazel, and Petra sit around a crocheted blanket spread on Sarah's living room floor. They each hold a plate with the two biscuits on. Petra is picking up one of her biscuits as she listens to Hazel talk. Hazel is gesturing as she talks. Sarah and Tiffany listen on. Chip is looking closely at Tiffany's biscuits over her arm.

P: “So how did you get the yellow icing?
H: “That’s actually melted white chocolate that I dyed with saffron! And the beaks…

Happy Easter (or happy weekend) wherever you are!

See ya!


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