Project Roundup

I’ve had these handkerchiefs for years and years, and they’ve ended up with brown spots on them, the sort that don’t come out in the wash.

Three white handkerchiefs, folded into squares, sit flat on a wood background. The corners visible all have floral embroidery on them, as well as filet embroidery details.

So, in an effort to upcycle them….

Close-up shot of one of the brown stains on the hankies. It's in an embroidery hoop and is being outlined in black thread. A hand is holding the hoop.

….I’ve been embroidering leaves and bees over the brown spots.

Two of the hankies are flat on a wood surface, spread out so that the loose scattering of pale green leaves embroidered across them is visible. The pale green colour is similar to that of the leaves already embroidered on the corners of the hankies. There is also one bee embroidered on each hankie.

I tried to match the thread colour to that used in those lovely flowered corners. I think they look nice, even if my satin stitching is not the best.

Close-up of one of the denser patches of green leaves. Each is embroidered over a brown stain. Some leaves are only three stitches, others are a bit more substantial.

I’ve also been finishing up some winter pyjama pants to fill a rather chilly gap in my wardrobe!

An overhead shot of the waistband of a pair of pants, sitting beside the needle-end of an old-fashioned sewing machine. The fabric is a peach and pink check, and the machine is threaded with similar coloured thread. Also visible is a pin tin and some embroidery scissors.

I plan to use the scraps of this lovely fabric to make Hazel a pinafore dress.

Hazel and Tiffany stand at the cutting table in Needle & Thread. Hazel has a sample square of dusky pink fabric and two bolts of fabric in front of her, and is describing something to Tiffany. Tiff is listening to Hazel, and has a pencil poised over a sheet of paper.

First, however, she’s planning a long-sleeved top with Tiffany, the sort that’s nice and simple and can be made in multiple colours. I’ve overheard talk about buttons at the front and a circular collar, so we’ll see how that turns out!

Anyways, see ya!


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