Winter Neutrals

Because it is currently the depths of winter where I live, I wanted to make myself some nice, thick winter pants that could keep me warm.

The author stands outside, against a hedge and a fence. She is photographed from the waist down, and wears a pair of dark grey pants with a blue floral shirt and black boots. One hand sits casually in one of the pockets.

These are made from a heavyweight linen (hence the creases), so they’re nice and warm – I tested them over the course of this week.

Another view of the grey pants worn by the author. Her other hand is on her hip, and her knee is slightly bent. There are two pleats on either side of the centre front, just near the pocket openings.

It’s a pattern I’ve used twice before, Simplicity 8457, so it wasn’t too hard to put these together. I did try French seams on the pockets, which was a fun experiment. Definitely would do that again!

Close-up of one side of the pants. The diagonal pocket opening is visible, as are the two pleats and the waistband.

The invisible zipper still is not completely invisible, but I think I’m getting better. Possibly. I do like that it ends before the pocket meets the side seam.

Close-up of the other side of the pants, where the invisible zipper is. The other pocket opening is visible, as is a dart on the back leg piece. The navy zipper is slightly visible, especially where the waistband meets the legs.
Another waist-down shot of the author in the grey pants. One hand is slightly tucked behind her leg, and the opposite leg stretches out to one side a bit.

They’re also a nice neutral colour, so I can wear pretty much any of my shirts with them. I do love a good versatile staple wardrobe piece! I’m certain I’ll be wearing these for many more winters.

Anyways, see ya!


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