Hazel’s New Scarf

A few weeks ago, Hazel found some pink vareigated yarn at Needle & Thread, and Tiffany offered to knit her a scarf from it. She finished putting the tassels on today, and she’s off to deliver it in person.

Tiffany walks towards the front door of Fierro's, looking up at the sign. She wears purple pants with a bright pink cardigan and a navy cape over the top. Under the cape, she has her dark purple tote over her shoulder.

T: “Hazel?

H: “Oh, hello Tiffany! It’s so good to see you!

Hazel is in the kitchen of Fierro's, rolling out some biscuit dough. She wears an apron with a grey cardigan, sleeves pushed up. Tiffany is at the door, cape still on, smiling. Hazel looks over to Tiffany, also smiling.

I finished your scarf, and I thought I’d deliver it in person,

Oh, you’re too sweet!

Hazel and Tiffany gather at a clean end of the workbench in Fierro's kitchen. Tiffany has removed a pink and white vareigated scarf from her tote bag, and it sits folded on the table between them. Hazel is grinning; one hand gently touches the scarf's tassels, the other her chest in awe. Tiffany smiles at her reaction.

It’s gorgeous; I love it so much!

Thank you; I made it from alpaca yarn, so it will need gentle washing.

Oh, I can feel how soft it is!

Hazel and Tiffany gather around a clean end of the Fierro's kitchen workbench. Hazel hugs her new scarf to her chest, smiling at Tiffany. Tiffany pats her elbow slightly awkwardly, smiling at Hazel.

A million thank yous, Tiff, you’re a delight!

No problem, I’m really glad you like it.

Hazel is outside, with grass and a fence behind her. She wears the pink and white vareigated scarf with a grey cardigan and a navy and grey wool skirt. One hand is up to her shoulder, tossing the scarf over said shoulder. This is also the shoulder that's closest to the camera - Hazel looks to the left of shot.

I love the way that moss stitch looks on these scarves – so much texture!

Hazel faces the camera, with grass and a fence behind her smiling face. She wears the pink and white vareigated scarf tossed over one shoulder, with a grey cardigan, wool skirt, and a shirt. Her arms hang at her sides.

I also quite like the tassels – they add extra length to it, and add some more detail. They are looking a bit messy at the moment, so I’ll figure out a way of wrangling them in line!

Anyways, see ya!


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