Winter Garland II

Remember how in my summer garland I wanted to re-do my winter garland? Well, guess what? It didn’t take multiple years! (pause for shocked gasps)

15 crochetd motifs sit, arranged in a loose group, on a wood background. The elements include about seven snowflakes of various sizes and colours, two pink baubles, two orange slices, and four pieces of foliage. Two of the foliage pieces are holly leaves with red sequins for berries.

Above are all the elements made and ready to be strung together, like below.

The 15 crochet motifs are again, flat-laid on a wood background, but this time, they are attached in a long string. The string is a length of chain stitches, made in white yarn.

I re-used all of the snowflakes from the original winter garland, as well as the two sets of leaves at the ends.

The wintery garland hangs on a white door from two hooks in the top corners of the door. A small crochet floral wreath sits above the central snowflake of the garland.

The new bits are here: the orange slices, the holly bundles, and the baubles.

A close-up of one each of the orange slices, holly bundles, green leaves, and pink bauble. They are in a loose group, with the white chain snaking around the edges of the image.

I didn’t want it to be too Christmassy, with the holly and baubles, and I think the snowflakes help with that.

The winter garland sits in a pile alongside three other seasonal garlands on a wood background. There is a spring one in the top-left, a summer one in the top-right, and an autumnal one in the bottom-left.

Now the whole collection is complete; all four seasons! It’s so satisfying to mentally tick off a long-term project that’s been hanging around on the to-do list for ages. Now to tackle the rest of the list….

Anyways, see ya!


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