Mini Patterns

One thing a store called Needle & Thread needs is sewing patterns. Considering I’ve made hundreds of books before, sewing patterns can’t be that difficult.

Eleven miniature sewing patterns, in pouches, are laid flat on a wooden surface. The top row has five clearly not designed by the author, as they are more colourful. The other six are arranged below.

These more colourful ones are replicas of ones I have that came with sewing magazines.

The author's hand holds the five colourful sewing patterns in a very small fan, which the camera focuses on. In the background, out of focus, are life-sized versions of the miniature patterns, in a similar fan arrangement on a tablecloth.

These are the ones I made myself, with all the details on the back. There are a few things I’d change about their designs, but this is good enough for now.

Close-up of two of the author-designed patterns. One is face-up, showing the 'cover' of the pattern pouch. The other is flipped, so the informational text on the back of the pouch is visible. Both are on a wood background.

Tiffany loves them, of course.

Tiffany stands in Needle & Thread, facing the camera and smiling. She holds a number of the sewing patterns in her arms.

There’s so many!

Tiffany has laid out all the sewing patterns on one of Needle & Thread's big tables, all in a line. She gazes down at them, hearts in her eyes.

I wonder where we’re going to store them all…

Tiffany stands at one of the big tables in Needle & Thread, looking to the right. She has a hand to her chin as if a sudden thought came to her. The patterns are still laid out on the table.

Never fear, Tiffany – I have ideas for a cabinet on an unused wall in Needle & Thread. I’ve just got to find the time to make it!

Anyways, see ya!


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