Project Roundup

I’ve started the slow process of making the furniture in Needle & Thread darker, to match the chest of drawers for the sewing patterns. These will be shelves, to go on the wall near the counter.

Eight pieces of cardboard are laid flat on a light wood background. Four of them are rectangular, and four are curvy. The curved pieces are positioned to the sides of the rectangles.

I plan to have this fancy design painted onto the sides, so it looks nice and leafy and whimsical.

One of the curvy pieces of cardboard sits next to some sketches of vines and leaves going up the side of shelves.

I have a grey waistcoat that is so nearly finished! This is from when it was still being sewn.

A grey waistcoat sits under the needle of a very old sewing machine. A pin tin is visible to the right of the image, its lid off.

I have since purchased buttons, as below, and I’ll sew them and the buttonholes on as soon as I can.

Close-up of five buttons on a grey fabric background. The buttons are metal, and have a leafy triangular design on their face.

Finally, do you remember these parcels from ages ago?

Sarah stands against a white brick background, holding a long tube parcel and a rectangular parcel. The parcels are white with red accents.

I decided to re-cover them in brown paper to match the whole whimsical vibe I want my little miniature world to have.

A stack of parcel boxes in various different sizes are stacked up. A long tube parcel is laid in front of the stack, and an envelope is balanced on one of the boxes. All are wrapped in brown paper and labelled with an address.

I also plan to make a post office façade (when I have more spare time), ready for future deliveries.

Anyways, see ya!


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