Chest of Drawers

Remember these cardboard rectangles from last post?

Several rectangles of plain cardboard are laid flat on a white brick background. They look a little like a chest of drawers, with eight drawer fronts on a larger back piece.

They’ve been transformed into a chest of drawers! I made the drawers flat instead of 3D, because this wall has other walls that close onto it for storage.

Tiffany stands against a wall in Needle & Thread, one hand on her hip. The other elbow is resting on an open drawer of the dark wood chest of drawers behind her. The drawers come to just below her shoulders, and there are eight drawers in the unit.

Tiffany’s ready to stock it with patterns – they’ve been stacked on the cutting table since they arrived.

Tiffany smiles as she moves towards the chest of drawers against one wall of Needle & Thread. She has multiple sewing patterns in her arms, ready to sort them into the drawers.

Something I am really happy with is the drawers. You can see in the photo below that they’re not quite flush with the cabinet, and that’s because….

Close-up of the drawers on the chest of drawers unit. The angle shows how one of the top drawers is not glued flush with the backing - it's elevated by some small strips of cardboard behind it. (The same is true for all the drawers.)

….they can then have patterns sit ‘inside’ them!

Tiffany stands in front of the chest of drawers in Needle & Thread. She holds some patterns in her arms, smiling at the camera. More patterns poke out from inside the drawers, scattered across the whole unit.
Tiffany stands beside the chest of drawers in Needle & Thread. She looks at the blank grey wall above the drawers. All but one of the drawers themselves have pattern/s in.

I want to put a shelf above the drawers, maybe hang some art of some kind on that big blank wall. I’ll also need to put handles on the drawers, which I only realised were missing as I was editing the photos.

What sort of thing would you expect on the shelf of a haberdashery store? Or on the walls?

Anyways, see ya!


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