Needle & Thread Darkens

There’s been a few updates in Needle & Thread. First off, I sanded back the big table to the dark wood underneath and sealed it, so now it matches all the new cabinetry.

Overhead shot of the large table in Needle & Thread. The surface is now dark brown wood, and on it are two bolts of fabric and an open sewing book that Tiffany's hand holds open. Her other hand holds a pencil that is tapping the table.

So much nicer!

Tiffany stands at the big table in Needle & Thread, which is now completely dark brown. She is picking up one of the bolts of fabric, and has put the pencil in the spine of the book to mark her page. Under the table is a bunch of stacked bolts of fabric.

Second, the fabric shelves that used to be fat quarters came down (RIP)…

Image shows the old fabric display on Needle & Thread's wall, with all the hand-drawn fat quarters. The fat quarters are still there, but the 'cabinetry' around them has been torn off, the ripped paper left behind.

…and the new dark wood ones went in.

The same wall as last image; the fat quarters are covered with new, dark brown wood 'cabinetry'. This setup has four tall rectangular shelves. Part of Tiffany's back can be seen in the foreground, from head to lower back. She has her visible hand in her pant pocket.

Once they’re filled with fabric bolts, they look fantastic!

The same 'cabinetry' as last image, now filled with tall bolts of fabric in a variety of colours and prints. (The bolts are collage.) Tiffany stands facing the display, bolt of fabric in her arm.

I love how colourful it is; I used a bunch of scrap papers I had squirreled away in various places.

Tiffany stands beside the fabric display in Needle & Thread, so all the fabric can be seen. She wears a black, purple, and teal top with colourful pants, and looks at the display.

Next in here is definitely the counter – the bright white really stands out now! I’ll also finish this area’s transformation with the yarn shelves. I’m less hesitant about those, because the balls of yarn were printed out and not individually drawn. Then I can move onto the Sit and Stitch corner, and start getting some art on those walls!

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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