Project Roundup

First of all, the Needle & Thread front counter is in the process of receiving a makeover – the front is now covered in dark brown paper. It looks a bit plain just flat, so I’m thinking of putting some fake drawers on the front to make it more visually interesting.

A rectangular prism stands at an angle in front of the yarn wall in Needle & Thread. The prism is white, with a rectangle of dark wood resting on top. Though the yarn wall is behind it, the prism rests on a paint-stained craft mat.

New balls of yarn for the wall have been printed, so destruction rebuilding of that cabinetry can begin, too.

I’ve also got a few sewing projects on the go – one in this lovely blue fabric….

Flatlay shot of a bodice, some sewing instructions, a dish with a pin tin on, and a pair of fabric shears. The collar and shoulders of the bodice is visible, in a blue fabric with white daisies on. All items are on a wood background.

….and the other is an embroidery project.

Overhead shot of a sketchbook page, which has 'Embroidered Bracelets' written at the top, with a dimensions diagram below. Further down the page is a design for one with two snakes in different colours, eating each other's tails. Resting across the page is a piece of white cotton with the snake design threadmarked on.

I’ve come across some beautiful embroidered bracelets and cuffs on Pinterest, and I think they look really nice. This design is from a novel, but I have some ideas for other, less specific designs.

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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