Yarnwall (and the Front Counter)

It’s a gloomy day in this miniature world, very atmospheric for taking photos of the newly-rebuilt cabinetry in Needle & Thread.

Tiffany exits the back room in Needle & Thread, holding a bolt of fabric under her arm. She walks toward the front counter, which is now dark wood. It has a cash register and a mug with pencils in on top, and three drawers on the front.

I put drawers on the front of the counter, which presumably hold measuring tapes and record books and suchlike.

Close-up of one of the drawer handles. It's made of wire, and has five turquoise beads across the centre. The two ends are circles glued onto the drawer front.

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I have loved sneaking in touches of blue into this space. It’s because the old feature wall was bright blue, and I think its nice to connect the old and new in little ways, like the drawer handles, the mug to hold pencils, and the curtain over the back door. (I do love those fancy drawer handles.)

Tiffany stands at the front counter, using the cash register. The focus, however, is on the bright blue mug with two pencils in. Beside the cash register on the counter is a bolt of fabric.

The yarn wall is also done – honestly, it’s pretty much the same as before.

The wall of yarn in Needle & Thread is in frame, with part of the fabric wall to the right. The cabinetry is now dark wood, with four rows of three boxes for yarn. All the boxes are filled with yarn in rainbow order.

Just darker.

Tiffnay stands beside the yarn wall in Needle & Thread, looking at it with a thoughtful hand to her chin.

“I think I need to place a new yarn order soon, these shelves are looking a little sparse.” Good idea, Tiffany.

We’re in the final countdown for this mini-renovation! I just need to decorate the walls in the Sit and Stitch corner now, and we’re done! I want to do at least one more embroidery, like the half-circular one behind the counter, but I’ll probably fit another canvas in there as well.

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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