How To Build a Storefront (Part 2)

Welcome back to building a storefront with me! (This feels like it should be the introduction of a YouTube video…)

Once the signage goes up…

A cereal box stands on a work surface, facing the camera. It is completely covered in cardboard, and the cardobard is partially covered with dark brick paper. Across the top is a white sign with red writing that reads 'Whesan Post'. Also on the sign are two red broomsticks.

…and the windows go in…

The same cardobard box faces the camera, with the dark brick covering it and 'Whesan Post' sign across the top. On each side of the box are two rectangular views of the interior, hand-drawn. The views show shelving filled with boxes, and a front counter with a cash register on. A central rectangle of cardobard remains uncovered.

…the door can be made and glued on.

The same storefront as before, with 'Whesan Post' sign and windows. Now the central rectangle is covered by a bright red door. The door has no handle or doorframe; the windows have no frames either.

Then it’s just finishing touches, like glass, window and door frames, and a doorknob, and it’s complete!

The completed storefront stands on cobblestones, against a white background. The door has a doorframe and a handle, the windows have frames and glass panes, and there is a slot under the right-hand window for posting letters.

On impulse, I decided to try adding some dimension to the doorframe, which you can see on the left of the picture below. I really like it! It makes the door stand out a little from the windows, which look a little flat now.

Close-up of the letter-posting slot. The slot itself is rectangular and white, with a black surround. Above is a sign that says 'Letters', with two arrows pointing down bracketing the word. Beneath is a sign that reads 'Parcels Inside".

I love a little bit of extra detail on the outside.

Sarah stands outside Whesan Post, looking through the window. She has a blue floral jumpsuit on, and carries her brown satchel. Chip the android rolls on ahead of her.

And now to start the other side! I plan to make it a cobbler’s that also mends other leather goods. I have the design ready, it just needs a name.

Anyways, see ya!


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