Stitch the Walls

Needle & Thread has some new artworks up on the walls!

Shot of Needle & Thread's Sit and Stitch corner. The walls are grey, with a light wood parquet floor. In the foreground, there is a purple couch on the right with a dark wood coffee table in front. Against the back wall to the left of frame is a pale green coffee/tea cart. Hanging on the back wall are four small cross stitchings.

These four little cross-stitchings were lifted from some old pattern books.

Close-up of the cross stitchings. Left to right they depict a cat with three kittens, a wreath with hearts and flowers, a wintery sampler, and a basket of apples.

They are mounted with white felt sewn onto the back and a small cord sewn onto that in a loop.

The reverse of one of the stitchings is on a wood background. It's a square of white felt with a string sewn to it in a loop at the top edge.

I pushed hooks into the walls to hang them.

Close-up of the wire hooks used to hang the stitchings. They are pushed into the wall, and the string is looped over the hook.

Looking at them now, I probably could have made them a bit bigger.

Tiffany stands with her back to the camera, looking at the stitchings. She wears a colourful shirt with a denim pinafore.

Ah well, they still look nice!

Tiffany stands in Needle & Thread's Sit and Stitch corner, looking at the purple couch and holding a mug of strong iced coffee. Her other hand rests on her elbow. A sewing magazine is on the coffee table, and three cushions are on the couch.

The final (final!!) steps in Needle & Thread’s renovation will be artwork for the wall above the couch, and some new seating in this corner. I wanted to re-make the couch anyways, so while I’m at it I might make an armchair to sit under the stitchings. And perhaps a floor lamp for the corner. And then Needle & Thread will be done.

Anyways, see ya!


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