Project Roundup

Wednesday was Petra’s birthday….

Petra stands in front of the party backdrop, hands in pockets. She wears a beige-yellow floral top with grey pants. She is looking at the 'Happy Birthday' banner, which is partially in

….which she was happy to spend among the plants.

Petra sits in a terracotta garden ornament, designed to look like a crumbling classical Italian or Greek balcony. She has one hand in her lap, the other resting on the rail, and is looking up at the vines and leaves surrounding her.

As for what I’m making, I’ve got this little square pot on the go, for some storage in my wardrobe.

A square, crocheted pot is against a white brick background. The yarn is variegated in dark purple, pale pink, and rust red shades.

I like the colour scheme of this yarn – maybe I should make it an outfit….

An unfinished storefront is photographed against a blurred background. The dark wood exterior outlines rectangles left open for the door, windows, and signage.

I’ve also got another facade on the go. This one is on the other side of the box to the post office from two weeks ago.

The same dark wood storefront, this time with a paler wood door in the centre. The door has no doorhandle yet, or frame.

I haven’t chosen a doorknob yet, and the windows and sign are still in progress. Lots still to do!

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Project Roundup

    1. Thank you! I did make her, both her physical body and her character. I do have a post from a few years ago introducing her (called Meet Petra, I think). Beyond that post, I haven’t done a lot of character building with her! Life gets in the way 😊


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