More Storefronts

The other side of the Post Office box is complete, this time with a leather repairs store.

A cereal-box sized rectangular box, decorated with a storefront, is in front of a white background. The storefront is dark wood, with a white sign at the top that reads 'Park's Shoe Repairs' in English and Korean. The front door is a lighter wood, positioned centrally between two windows. The two windows have examples of the leather repair work on display, as well as some small signs in English and Korean.

(I know the signage says ‘shoe repairs’, so I tried to compensate with the window displays.)

Close-up of the left-hand window. Both the windows and the door are framed in a slightly darker wood. The bottom of three shelves has an 'Open' sign inside, in English and Korean.

This is the first time I’ve used this brown paper for the window and door frames, and I quite like it.

Close-up of the right-hand window. Similar to the left-hand window, the bottom shelf of the three has two signs that say 'Cobbler and Leather Goods', one in  English and one in Korean.

I also tried out a new doorhandle – I didn’t think a bead would have looked right as a doorknob, whereas this sleek little handle works much better.

Close-up of the door handle. It is a vertical bar, made of the same slightly darker wood as the door and window frames. Hazel's hand is holding it so it's still visible to the camera.

Here is the storefront in action – when I redo Tea at Yaz’s storefront it will be very useful!

A broader shot of the entire street. Hazel walks to the left of frame, bag over her shoulder and arm swinging. Park's Show Repair is on the right, with Tea at Yaz's in the middle and Needle & Thread on the left.

And the post office side. They expand the street, without me having to do a heap of work on the interior. I left the inside of the box hollow and the top open, so I can store props inside, too.

Another broad shot of the street, this time of the other side. Whesan Post is on the left, with The Palace Library in the middle and Fierro's Bakery on the right. Towards the foreground on the right is a black lamppost.

I have plans to make another box similar, with one side a toy store and the other a bookbinders/stationery store, but that may be a few months away. I want to finish Needle & Thread’s interior off first, then redo Tea at Yaz’s front façade.

Anyways, see ya!


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