Mug Rug

Have you ever heard of the concept of a mug rug? I had some patches I saved off some old clothes, and I thought I’d give one a go. I first mentioned this in December, and it’s taken that long to figure out how to effectively insulate it without using polyester.

A very small rectangular patchworked quilt is on a wood background. It has blue bias binding attached around the edges, but not to the side facing up. The raw edges of both the binding and the fabric are visible.

The answer was to use rectangles of a cotton fabric in my stash that I don’t love, and then it was just sewing on bias binding to finish.

The very small rectangular quilt, still on a wood surface. The denim blue binding is stitched down to this side now. The patchwork on this side has a rectangle of starry fabric in the middle with plain grey rectangles around it.

And we have two sides – the more coherent colour scheme side above, and the whatever-goes side below. I love them both!

The same small quilt, on a wood background, this time flipped over. This side's patchwork has a green centre, appliqued with a red flower with a yellow centre. Around it are attached rectangles of multi-coloured scale-patterned fabric. And the denim blue binding around the edges.

This is my first quilting project, in that it feels like a small quilt. It’s also my first attempt at mitred corners, which went well.

Close-up of one of the mitred corners of the flower side. There's a neat fold gonig between the corner of the rectangle and the inner corner of the binding.

(They’re neater on this side, shh!)

A floral mug rests on the mug rug, with the chained end of a tea strainer coming out from inside. In front of the mug is a white teaspoon of loose-leaf tea. Behind the mug rug to the left is a white tea canister. This is all photographed on a wood surface.

I have tested it with hot drinks on multiple occasions, and it works great! It’s made its way into my circle of Daily Use Items, and I reckon it’ll stay there.

It’s also a nice soft little spot to rest a camera; or if I made one a bit bigger, it could be a placemat. (Oh no – have I collected another hobby?!)

Anyways, see ya!


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