Project Roundup

So, because the project I wanted to complete and post today looks like this….

A matching couch and armchair, both half-complete, stand in front of a white brick background. They are both vaguely old-fashioned in style, though it's hard to tell because they are unfinished. There's dark wood and purple fabric happening, though.

…. and this….

Rectangular and vaguely arm-of-a-chair-shaped sponges are laid out on purple fabric of corresponding shapes, on a green cutting mat. There are two rectangles, and the rest are vaguely arm-of-a-chair-shaped, in various sizes.

….I shall instead show you some of the new things I’ve purchased recently.

Starting with a new pattern – this is the Rosery Apparel Daisy dress.

The pattern envelope of Rosery Apparel's Daisy dress pattern. It has an olive green border, the logo at the top, the dress diagram in the centre, and the text at the bottom. The dress is a button-down, V-necked midi-length, with puffed sleeves.

I really like the style, and the lack of zipper, so I decided to make the jump because it was on sale. I also enjoy wearing my blue dress when it’s too hot for pants, so I think I’ll get some wear out of this one.

Two books ('Little Thieves' by Margaret Owen and 'Sewing Love' by Sanae Ishida) are laid flat next to each other on a wood background.

I also purchased two books recently – Little Thieves is fantastic, and I borrowed Sewing Love from the library and found it really useful.

'Sewing Love', laid on a wood surface, held open to one of the interior pages. Most of it is text, but there are some diagrams of a basic torso pattern too.

It teaches you how to draft your own patterns based on your own measurements. I like the style of one of the shirts in this book, so I thought, ‘Let’s add another project to the Never-Ending Future Projects List, why not!’

Anyways, see ya!


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