Fancy Seating

Finally, they are complete! I want to dramatically collapse onto that couch right now, hoo boy.

A matching couch and armchair set are photographed against a grey wall, on a parquet floor. They are both old-fashioned in style, made of dark wood and with purple upholstery. Their fronts are facing the camera.

The instructions came from a MyFroggyStuff video, and it came with a few new techniques. All the purple bits are flat sponges wrapped in fabric, which work well for slim seat cushions.

The armchair from the set is photographed in the same place, this time from the back. The same purple upholstery covers the back and the outside of the arms, as old-fashioned plush furniture does. The legs are shaped, thinner at the bottom with decorative curves further up.

I wouldn’t have used the sponges on the outside of the chair, though. I’d probably use something thinner, like cardboard, instead. And I should have made the legs a bit chunkier!

The two chairs are in the Sit and Stitch corner of Needle & Thread, each positioned against an adjacent wall near the corner. In front of them is a small wooden coffee table, and beside the couch is a hot drink cart. The two chairs have cushions on them; oen circular and crocheted, one square and fabric, one cylindrical and in the same purple as the upholstery.

Either way, they’re standing! They look really cute in the Sit and Stitch area! That’s all I wanted.

Sarah and Tiffany are in the Sit and Stitch area of Needle & Thread. Sarah sits on the couch, hot drink on the coffee table in front of her, looking up at Tiffany. Tiff is standing in front of the armchair, hot drink in hand, about to sit down.

I do also now have about seven cushions for these two seats, including the cylindrical ones.

Sarah and Tiffany sit in the new couch and armchair set in Needle & Thread. Sarah wears a blue floral playsuit, and Tiffany wears a colourful shirt under a denim pinafore. Both have mugs in hand; Tiffany's is resting on the circular crochet cushion on her lap. They are discussing where the chairs came from.

As for finishing this area, I think I might put a tall-ish plant in the corner. I was originally thinking of a freestanding lamp, but on second thoughts, a plant would look better.

A hand holds a wooden dowel, from which hangs a red banner, against the wall behind Tiffany. Tiff is still sitting in the armchair, drink in hand. The banner is rectangular with a pointed bottom edge.

On the wall behind Tiffany, though, I want to try hanging this banner I made for the Palace Library way back when. Is it too big for the wall, do you reckon? And should I appliqué ‘N&T’ on it, for Needle & Thread, or ‘Sit and Stitch’? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Anyways, see ya!


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