Project Roundup

I have quite a few big projects going on at the moment, combined with being away from my workspace.

Embroidery sure doesn’t look like a big project, but thousands of tiny stitches takes a while! This will be an embroidered cuff bracelet, eventually. The other snake will be yellow.

A small rectangle of cream fabric, some embroidery thread skeins, and a pair of embroidery scissors are laid out on a parquet surface. The fabric is partially embroidered with a red snake, intertwined with itself. The two thread skeins are red and yellow.

I’ve also been pattern drafting – first making my torso in paper form….

Three drafted pattern pieces, a French curve ruler, a pencil, and the book 'Sewing Love' by Sane Ishida are laid out on a wood surface. The pattern pieces are labelled 'Front torso sloper', 'Back torso sloper', and 'Sleeve sloper'. They are folded and stacked on one another, so as to fit in the shot.

….then using that as a base to make a simple pattern for a top.

The top half of a simple shirt pattern is pictured on a wood surface. Around it is a French curve ruler, a pencil, and a pair of paper scissors.

This is the front pattern piece; I haven’t drafted the back yet. I plan to make a few of these tops in linen of different colours, just to wear around the house. They’ll have buttons part of the way down the front.

Anyways, see ya!


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