Embroidered Cuff

In my relentless quest to cover my body in as much handmade stuff as possible, I recently finished making an embroidered cuff. I was inspired by these ones on Etsy, as well as others found on Pinterest.

A pair of white hands rests on a wood desk, on top of two books. The books are 'An Accident of Stars' and 'A Tyranny of Queens' underneath, both by Foz Meadows. In the foreground is a plant in a small terracotta pot, and in the background is a candle in amber glass. The closest hand has an embrodiered bracelet tied around the wrist.

These snakes are a design from An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows, which is a book I highly recommend if portal fantasies are at all your thing. The design is described as follows:

…someone had taken the liberty of tattooing her left wrist while she slept. … The design was simple enough: two entwined snakes biting each other’s tails, one red, one gold, and both delineated by a sharp black outline. Together, they made a continuous loop that encircled her wrist like a bracelet, their sinuous forms stylised in a way that reminded her of simultaneously of Celtic knotwork and Aztec glyphs.

Foz Meadows, An Accident of Stars p. 323
Birds-eye close-up of the embroidered bracelet, tied around the wrist. The arm hovers over 'An Accident of Stars', with the plant and the candle nearby. Two snakes, one red and one yellow, are partially visible on the bracelet.

I wanted to get the snakes intertwining around each other, but I couldn’t work out how to get that happening at the same time as the biting of tails.

Another birds-eye shot over the wood surface. The tie end of the bracelet is visible, as the inside of the wrist is shown. The hand is holding a prop dagger, and the two books are to the top left of shot.

So, I thought having the ties be the two colours would kinda communicate that idea? Maybe? Hopefully.

Flatlay shot of the bracelet, laid on the wood surface so the embroidered side is face down. Three of the ties emerge from the side seams; the fourth is sewn onto the plain backing with whipstitches. The tip of the prop dagger and the bottom edges of the books are visible to the top of the image.

It’s assembled like a rectangular cushion with the ties sewn into the outer seam, so all the stitching is on the inside.

The bracelet is flat-laid on the wood surface, embroidered side up this time. The snake design is more visible - the yellow snake is intertwined with itself on the left side of the bracelet, while the red snake mirrors it on the right. They are both swallowing the other's tail in the middle of the bracelet.

I really like this technique; it would be a good way to try out new stitches or designs. This is probably about the widest I’d make the bracelets though – the wider I went, the more ties I think I’d need at the wrist, and two is fiddly enough. Unless I tapered the end into a blunt point….

Anyways, see ya!


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