Banner Time

Another step has been taken towards Needle & Thread’s Sit and Stitch Corner being completed! We’re so close now!

The Sit and Stitch corner in Needle & Thread in its entirety. Hanging on the wall to the left is a red and yellow banner that says 'Needle & Thread'. Below it is the purple armchair, with the purple couch against the adjoining wall. The coffee trolley is to the left of shot, and the wooden coffee table has a magazine and a mug on it.

Tiffany meant to have this banner ready for the grand opening, but as I’m sure you all have experienced, life got in the way. Here it is at last!

Close-up of the banner, hanging by a gold cord on a grey wall. The words 'Needle' and 'Thread' are appliquéd felt, and the ampersand is embroidered. It sits in-between the two words, and there are leafy branches embroidered on either side.

The letters are felt, and the middle bit is embroidery. The ampersand looks a lot more yellow in person.

Super-close close-up of the banner, showing the embroidery and the appliqué in more detail.

If I (or Tiffany) wanted to spend more time on it, I’d put tassels on it somewhere, probably the top corners, and I’d outline the letters with a dark colour, so they stand out a bit more.

Tiffany stands near where the banner hangs on the wall, with the armchair next to her and beneath the banner. She has her arms folded and is looking at the banner, satisfied.

Of course, every finished project needs to be shown to Petra first. She’s probably pointing out all the different stitches she used.

Tiffany stands near the banner, gesturing towards it and talking to Petra. Petra sits on the couch, listening to Tiffany and nursing a mug of tea. Tiff wears a denim pinafore with a colourful T-shirt underneath. Petra wears a cream flowered shirt with grey pants.

A well-earned cup of coffee!

Petra and Tiffany sit side by side on the couch in the Sit and Stitch Corner, Petra with her tea and Tiffany holding a mug of coffee. Tiffany has a circular crochet cushion on her lap that she's resting her hands and the mug on.

We just need a plant for the corner, and Needle & Thread’s renovation is (finally) done. These things always seem to take much longer than anticipated, much like real renovation projects.

Anyways, see ya!


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