Patchwork Shirt

Tiffany’s been playing around with the offcut bin at Needle & Thread, and assembled this patchwork shirt recently.

Tiffany stands outside, in front of and under some big tropical leaves. She wears a multi-coloured shirt, which has different colours for each side of the front panel, as well as mis-matched sleeves. She also has a yellow pleated skirt on, and smiles at the camera with one hand on her hip.

There are four or five different fabrics in this shirt, including the two back pieces.

Tiffany stands outside, with big leaves in the background. She faces away from the camera, so the back of the shirt is visible. The two back panels also mis-match.

She attached one sleeve flat and set in the other sleeve as an experiment, and we both agree that the set-in sleeve looks a lot nicer.

Tiffany emerges from under the canopy of the leaves, one hand raised to push one out of her face. She is looking where she's walking, which is towards the left.

She can feel that the flat-attached sleeve has more fabric under the arm, too.

Tiffany stands beneath the canopy of leaves, looking up and to the right at them.

Tiffany sits on a rock ledge, underneath the leaf canopy. She faces the camera, one hand behind her and one hand in her lap, smiling.

Overall, very cool shirt! Maybe I’ve got to make something similar one day – I definitely have enough fabric scraps…

Anyways, see ya!


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