Travel Sewing Kit

The latest thing I’ve sewn, hot off the machine….

An old-fashioned sewing machine is sewing a square of felt to a larger rectangular piece of grey linen. The linen has a semi-circular edge behind the needle. Also on this linen is a long thin rectangle of felt, and a rectangle of cotton fabric.

….is this little travel sewing kit!

A small rectangular pouch sits on a white brick background. It buttons closed in the centre front. The flap is vertically striped in two different fabrics, and the fabric under the flap is different as well.

The pattern came from Peppermint magazine (issue 55 I believe?). I made the outside out of some of my blue fabric scraps, because I have a lot of blue fabric.

The travel sewing kit is open flat, outside up, on a white brick background. The top half is striped with a dark blue/white stripe fabric and a denim/white flower fabric. The bottom half is mostly a dark blue/blue and white floral fabric, with a little bit of dark blue paisley poking out. The outside edge is bound in dark blue bias binding.

Inside, it’s got everything I’d need to mend stuff on the go. Or sew/embroider while travelling, too.

The interior of the travel sewing kit is face up. At the top is a buttonhole; below that is a strip of navy felt with four buttons sewn to it. Below that is a rectangle of navy felt on the left with safety pins and needles in, and on the right a small navy pocket with a tape measure in. At the bottom is a big pocket with scissors and white and black thread in. This pocket is navy paisley patterned.

I did give it a test drive while I was at the beach recently, and it works well!

A table sits at the edge of a balcony, overlooking the sea. On the table is an open sketchbook, with small pieces of fabric, threads, and the travel sewing kit on top. One of the pieces of fabric has a needle in, mid-stitch.

I adjusted the contents a little bit when I came home, because I noticed on the test run that a smaller tape measure is easier to travel with.

The author sits on a chair on a different balcony, overlooking a beach, the sea, and an island in the distance. On her lap is the same open sketchbook, with the fabrics, threads, and travel sewing kit open as before.

It’s only the second time I’ve used bias binding, too. I think it’s pretty neat for my second time – though it’s definitely easier to put on in straight lines! I think I’m getting the bug for patchwork things, what with the mug rug and now this kit. I have got a patchwork cushion cover on the Never-Ending To-Do List….

Anyways, see ya!


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