Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

First off, I’ve started a new life-sized dress on my treadle machine. The bodice is complete, and the collar is attached:

The bodice of a dress is laid out flat on a wood surface. It has a small, high collar, and a button placket down the centre. The bottom edge and armholes are still raw fabric edges. The fabric is black with green, yellow, pink, and white leaves densely covering the background.

I’m hoping to get the sleeves hemmed and attached before the end of the weekend.

The same dress bodice as before, laid out on the same wood surface, this time with two sleeves. The sleeves are laid out next to the armholes, folded in over the bodice about halfway.

Okay, the second sleeves are much smaller. Afte I made Tiffany that short-sleeved patchwork shirt, I wanted to put sleeves on her pinky-orange shirt too.

A pink, brown, and orange sleeveless shirt of Tiffany's is laid flat on a white brick surface. Next to its armholes are two flat sleeve shapes in the same fabric, ready to be assembled.

I set these into the armholes, and I’ve got to say, they look good. The reason for this is, I want these shirts and their bright colours to be more visible when they’re under a pinafore.

Tiffany stands in front of a white brick background, arms crossed over her chest, smiling at the camera. She is wearing the pink/orange/brown shirt from before, which now has short sleeves. (She's also wearing orange pants with black and white stripes.)

Finally, the plant is a crochet one for Needle & Thread, using a pattern I found in a Simply Crochet magazine.

A small crochet circle, attached to a ball of dark green yarn, sits on a wood surface beside a small iPad. The iPad is open to an online magazine page with a crochet pattern for a circular rosebush in a pot.

I have the pattern open on my iPad, and at the moment, it doesn’t look like much. This is the green sphere underneath all the foliage in that tiny image on the screen. From here, I want to make the sphere a little smaller before I finish rounding it out, because this pattern uses thicker yearn than I’ve got here. Needle & Thread isn’t that big!

Anyways, see ya!


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