The muslin fabric doll has progressed to completion since last week, and as most of those progress pictures look like they’re from a horror movie, here she is with hair glued on….

A handmade muslin doll stands in front of a white brick background. She wears a white t-shirt, and has pale brown hair made of yarn and green eyes.

…I’ve got the texture I want, but it still needs a haircut….

The handmade muslin doll from last image stands in front of a white brick background. She looks at the camera with a hand in her hair, which is untwisted yarn.

….and here we are!

The doll waves at the camera, looking at it. Her hair is shorter, about shoulder-blade length. She wears purple shorts.

She’s got nice bendy arms and legs, so she can put her hand to her face (which is hand-painted – I’m very pleased with the eyes!)….

Close-up of the doll's face; she looks to the right of the image. One hand is on her cheek.

….she can cross her arms and with a bit (read: lot) of encouragement, can sit cross-legged!

The doll sits cross-legged on Sarah's grey couch. Her arms are crossed, and she looks at the camera.
Sarah and the doll stand near each other. They are looking at each other.

She’s about the same height as Sarah (Sarah’s got shoes on in the above picture). There are definitely some adjustments I want to make to the pattern before I make some with nice cotton fabric, but I’m quite happy with her! Name suggestions are welcome, as I have no ideas. 😀

Anyways, see ya!


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