Project Roundup

Well, firstly, I decided to re-make the white chairs in Fierro’s, because the ones I originally made were not stable at all. These new ones are waiting for a few more support toothpicks and then they will be painted to match the pieces I salvaged from the old ones.

Hazel stands inside Fierro's Bakery, next to an unfinished chair. The chair looks like a regular dining chair, with two slats across the back and five for the seat. The posts are unpainted wood, while the slats are painted white. Hazel wears a white floral dress with white shoes, and has a hand on the back of the chair.

My second pair of Simplicity 8457‘s are coming along well! I am making and attaching the waistband at the moment.

A large, folded-up piece of grey-blue linen sits on a wooden surface beside a pin tin and a pair of embroidery scissors, viewed from above. A few seams are visible, finished and unfinished, as well as a dart.
Sarah stands against a white brick background in a checked sleeveless shirt and black floral pants. She is looking at a turquoise notebook she holds in her hand, which she is writing in with the other.

As for other projects, I have two lists of things I want to make (or finish making) this summer: one for personal wardrobe projects and one for other projects. Hopefully I have enough time to get around to everything!

Anyways, see ya!


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