Project Roundup

First, I have a chest of drawers ready for putting miniature patterns into. It’ll sit flat on the third wall in Needle & Thread, but I didn’t know what colour to make it when I took the photo. Now I know I’ll make it dark brown, like a wooden antique, to make the store more like one from a fantasy novel.

The flat cardboard front of a chest of drawers lays on a white brick background. There are eight drawers on the front and a decorative strip of cardboard along the top. All the cardboard is in its plain grey/brown unfinished state, and none of it is glued down.

I’m also sewing another waistcoat at the moment! This one is grey with a shawl collar. It’s a long way from done right now, but I’m enjoying the process.

Photographed from above, a messy sewing table. The facing for a grey shawl collar waistcoat is to the left of frame, and near it sits a pencil. Towards the bottom right is the pattern piece for said facing, over which is laid a French curve ruler. Various folded pattern pieces sit in the top right corner.

It was also my birthday last month, and I bought myself/was given some books I’m very excited to get to!

Four books are laid flat on a dark wood background. The top two are 'A Psalm for the Wild Built' by Becky Chambers, and 'Make, Sew, and Mend' by Bernadette Banner. The bottom two are 'An Accident of Stars' and 'A Tyranny of Queens', both by Foz Meadows.

A Psalm for the Wild Built was given to me, and the others I bought myself. Make, Sew, and Mend is a very interesting read, and will be a good resource to keep around. An Accident of Stars is a portal fantasy I read a few years ago, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it; so I decided it was time to purchase it and its sequel, A Tyranny of Queens.

I have a mountain of library books to get to before I properly get to these, but I can’t wait!

Anyways, see ya!


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