Hanging Around

These photos show the progression of a recent Mollie Makes freebie project, which was originally a necklace (the big white bit at the top was for folding over the chain). And here's the finished embroidery, which I made into a mini wall hanging, tadaaa! I really like the little vines at the top, especially the little… Continue reading Hanging Around

Finished Plushie

I thought I could fit one last in-progress shot in before I show you the finished rabbit (because I completely forgot to take photos in between here and the finished product, oops!)... ...and here's the finished rabbit! Look at all those colourful, teeny stitches. Between this and the amount of reading I do, I'm surprised… Continue reading Finished Plushie

From Dream to Reality

I'm making progress on my embroidery hoop, though it feels like forever between  designing it and actually embroidering it. The quote is from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, which I have stuck on a loop in my head. It looks like a lot of blue at the moment, but those three lines are actually the only blue… Continue reading From Dream to Reality

Project Roundup

In-between projects, I usually check over my previous makes and perform maintenance or give them updates, as I'm currently doing with this sword I made a long time ago. The blade is getting definition, I'm freshening up the crossbar on the hilt, and I might wrap the hilt in leather, or change its colour. I'll… Continue reading Project Roundup

Project Roundup

I've finished the embroidery for the Slytherin badge, woohoo! Here's the colours done... ...backstitching in progress... ...and it's finished! The badges are currently drying in the sun, and after they're dry, I'll cut them all out and sew felt and a safety pin onto the backs of each. I also finished covering the interior of… Continue reading Project Roundup