Meet Petra

The new doll I mentioned in the last post is complete – meet Petra Zapalla! She likes plants and gardening, as well as travelling to new places, especially if they have cool gardens or forests to wander in. Her collection of jumpers is rivalled only by Sarah’s collection of T-shirts. She lives above Tea at…… Continue reading Meet Petra

Project Roundup

Guess what I’m attempting again! It’s fabric dolls. This is the muslin that I’m using to test out the pattern and experiment with techniques, if necessary. The actual dolls will be made with some nice cotton. All ready for assembly! (I had to.) I’ve also finally settled on a Carry On badge design, which I think…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Parting the Curtains

The interior of Tea at Yaz’s is coming along slowly! I’ve made a few fabric pieces, like this curtain/divider for the doorway between the front counter and the kitchens and such. I also made some on-a-curtain-rail curtains around the front window. I’m very happy with these! I kinda want to put some in Sarah’s apartment…… Continue reading Parting the Curtains